handmade right here at olive. using the freshest ingredients.


Broccoli stems, red onion, red chilli flakes, chickpeas w/ butternut squash base.



duck five spice.

shredded duck, cucumber, spring onions, sesame seeds, carrot, wild mushrooms with a hoisin base.


back to beets.

goats cheese, chutney, rocket, spinach, pumpkin seeds, sun dried tomatoes with a beetroot base.



brisket barbie.

pulled smoked brisket, caramelised apples, smoked apple wood cheese, pork fu with a homemade BBQ sauce base.


naan pad thai.

red peppers, grated carrot, spring onions, coriander, sugar snaps, crushed peanuts, soy with red curry base.



smoked salmon.

smoked salmon, smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, chives, poached egg middle, roasted lemons with a cream cheese base.


plain jane.

cheese, tomato base & fresh basil.


+add pepperoni for £2